Product Description

Van-type Rollover Semi-trailer: The vehicle model and fence structure are combined with the user's cargo category, and the total design is sufficient to fully reduce the weight of the carriage under load conditions. The structure is simple and applicable, and easy to disassemble, reducing the investment cost for users and creating more extreme value. It adopts the combination of light high-strength steel and ordinary high-strength steel, and the longitudinal beam and the integral penetrating beam are assembled to form a space frame structure, which can balance the strength, rigidity, toughness and load-bearing capacity of the car without permanent deformation.


Fence Rollover Semi-trailer: The self-unloading semi-trailer is suitable for the transportation of loose goods such as coal mines, ore, building materials, etc. The sidecar and backturn self-unloading methods of the carriage can effectively improve the efficiency of the loader's transport of loose goods; Strong lift, good rigidity and toughness, strong load-bearing capacity, no permanent deformation; the main components are processed by advanced equipment, the longitudinal beams are fully automatic submerged arc welding, and the assembly machine is used for precise assembly of wheel axles and leaf springs.


Box Panel Rollover Chassis: Special chassis produced by each chassis manufacturer is adopted, with advanced technology and reliable performance. The accessories are made by well-known foreign manufacturers, and they are strictly purchased, inspected and used in accordance with the quality system documentation requirements to ensure the good performance of the vehicle. This series of dump trucks adopt Mallery type (T type) or single-cylinder floating link type (F type) or front-type hydraulic lifting mechanism. They purchase high-quality brand hydraulic parts at home and abroad. The high-quality manganese plate is welded and bent, and the box has two types: dustpan and rectangular. It has the characteristics of high strength and strong lifting force. The vehicle is suitable for various bulk cargo transportation of road, railway, hydropower, port transit transportation and mineral resources.


Cement Tank: Groundbreakingly introduced the arc transition frame longitudinal beam design, under the requirement of ensuring the strength, the frame beam is more beautiful, and the impact of the beam welding on the frame strength is reduced. The new fluidization system increases the angle of fluidization of powder and granules, balances the air pressure difference between the tank body and the air chamber inside the tank, reduces the residual space of the material, accelerates the material flow speed, optimizes the design of the discharge pipeline, and a new secondary booster assembly More effectively solve pipeline blockage and increase the speed of lifting and discharging. Through structural weight reduction, the weight of the entire vehicle is reduced by more than 500 kg compared with similar products in the industry.


Powder Cargo Transport Semi-Trailer: The semi-trailer tanker for the transportation of powder materials from 32 cubic meters to 71 cubic meters produced by our company uses the traditional and classic design structure. Adopting the sideless slide structure, the fluidization device uses multiple throats to install canvas, and the optimal fluidized area design maximizes the discharge speed and effectively reduces the material residue rate, which also makes maintenance easier. In the design process, the inclination of the tank body and the ground is increased, and the height of the tank body from the ground is reduced, thereby effectively reducing the overall center of gravity of the vehicle body and ensuring the stability of the vehicle during the driving process.

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